Raw Invader's real name is Mateusz from Poland. Djing Since 2011 and played at many hardstyle events with stars such as E-Force, Wildstylez, Headhunterz, D-Block & S-te-fan, Technoboy, Crypsis, Coone and more at the Discoplex A4 club in Poland and the Energy 2000 Katowice and Energy 2000 Przytkowice club at events of the "King Of Hardstyle" series. He was a former resident at first as HardTek and later as Raw Invader. Raw Invader set include Euphoric and Raw hardstyle and mixed on a Pioneer XDJ-RX2 & Sennheiser HHD 25-1 II.

Zera-O aka Taco Damstra from Zwaagwesteinde born 21st of May 1994 is best known for his Euphoric Hardstyle mixes. He started dj'ing when he was about 12 years old and started producing in 2011. Influenced by artists like D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Da Tweekaz and Wasted Penguinz, his mixes are all about euphoric and energetic hardstyle. For Zera-O it's all about positive vibes and energy and that is what you will hear and feel.

From the day Clayton Cash was born music was a red line in his life. His father was working for the biggest record company of the dutch named ARCADE. We all know the famous compilations TURN UP THE BASS and THUNDERDOME. As a young boy he was sold to this harddance music. When he was able to visit the harddance clubs in Holland and Belgium het got inspired by the performing artists. From that day he decided that it was time to realy get into the music. He started spining vinyl’s and a couple of years later he began to produce and create his own music. After his performance at The Qontinent of Q-Dance and Bass Events in 2016 things went fast. With his track "LIKE A VIKING" he definitely set track in the hard dance scene and got supported by all the big artists. Also the successor "DEMONS AT NIGHT" still completely breaks down every party! Are you ready for some Cashmadness...?

Linsey Wijnands/Inpulsa, born in Oosterhout on December 20th, 1991. Her passion and love for hard style music started when she was sixteen. After years of visiting festivals, she wanted to do what she always dreamed of: being a DJ. In the summer of 2018 she decided to buy her first XDJ XR and from that moment, Inpulsa was born! She had her first festival booking in June 2019 (Reurpop Festival) and later that summer she performed at Dream Village Festival and Onbeschoft Outdoor. This festival season she will be playing at Royaal Kabaal, Intents Festival, Bassrulers Outdoor and many more to come! Inpulsa started the concept ‘The Rawness podcast’ because she wants to make a nice combination of melodies combined with energic raw and hard kicks. From now on the podcast will be released on Real Hardstyle. [qt-button text="Inpulsa tracklists" link="" size="qt-btn-m" style="qt-btn-primary" alignment="aligncenter"]

This Dutch Hardstyle duo, also known as Kevin Ras and Ferry Timmers, are the new rising stars in Hardstyle. Since 2020, they started a NEW CHAPTER in their career: "Starfall" -From Necroformers to Starfall- Although, for the last 6 years they enjoyed & experienced many times together on stage and in the studio. Because of all those good memories they decided to take it to the next level. Starfall will show the world what they stand for: great melodies, good kicks and uplifting vocals This year they started off with their first release on Scantraxx - Talent label 'X-bone'. Stay tuned for more.. * New music * Equal Energy * More Bookings [qt-button text="Starfall tracklists" link="" size="qt-btn-m" style="qt-btn-primary" alignment="aligncenter"]

Isabelle Englund, better known as Bellzor is a Swedish female DJ with passion to drop hard beats. She started her career in 2015 and since then Bellzor has played in the Nordic countries, the Netherlands and Australia, constantly impressing the crowd with delivering energetic performencies. Bellzor started the concept Raw From The Heart in 2017. The podcast features melodies, rough and hard kicks. From now on she will be releasing her podcast at Real Hardstyle. [qt-button text="Bellzor tracklists" link="" size="qt-btn-m" style="qt-btn-primary" alignment="aligncenter"]

Nexone real name is Roy den Hartog, Living around Amsterdam. Nexone premieres The Next One episodes on Real Hardstyle! [qt-button text="Nexone tracklists" link="" size="qt-btn-m" style="qt-btn-primary" alignment="aligncenter"]

ERCO is a Hardstyle & Hardcore DJ located in the city of Belgrade, Serbia. Representing all spheres of Hard Dance music, Erco is dedicated to bring you the most powerfull music with only one purpose - to make you dance like a maniac! One of the founding fathers of Hard Music events in Serbia, with sets packed with pure energy Erco will surely take you on a journey not so many times experienced before. He is marking his 5th year in Hardstyle & Hardcore scene, promising that the best stuff is yet to come. [qt-button text="Ercp tracklists" link="" size="qt-btn-m" style="qt-btn-primary" alignment="aligncenter"]

In 2014, Tobias and Orlando joined forces and Hygenersis came to light. Because of their passion for the full spectrum of the hardstyle scene, a Hygenersis set is never the same and filled with simply "the most fun tracks". With appearances on Intents Festival and Karnaval Festival, Hygenersis shows that a stamp cannot be placed on their style. [qt-button text="Hygenersis tracklists" link="" size="qt-btn-m" style="qt-btn-primary" alignment="aligncenter"]

Nevil Greenz's real name is Florian Welsch, Born in France. Nevil Greenz presents Hard Is Your Fucking Style. [qt-button text="Nevil Greenz tracklists" link=" Greenz/" size="qt-btn-m" style="qt-btn-primary" alignment="aligncenter"]

Kevin Wijnbergen aka Aftermath was born on the 19th of February 1993. In his younger days, Kevin used to listen to Trance, Techno, Dance and Jumpstyle. But after a few years, he listened for the first time a few songs from the legend Headhunterz. He was directly sold and began to listen to other legends as Wildstylez, Noisecontrollers and Project One. Later on, he started to listen to the early Raw Hardstyle tracks by Ran-D. This heavy, raw noise is what he likes the most of all genres! From this moment, the only thing he listened to was hardstyle music! Started by viewing video’s on YouTube from hardstyle festivals, he visited his first festival in the year 2012: Ground Zero Festival. From that moment on, he knew that this music is not just music, it’s a lifestyle, a dedication! His mixes will contain the hardest, rawest and loudest Raw Hardstyle of the moment!

'A true mastermind and specialist in Hardstyle classics' Charon is a very talented DJ, with over 10 years of experience in the harder styles of electronic dance music. As a resident DJ for the harder styles at Club Rodenburg he gained a lot of experience under the name Ruff J. His main ingredients used to be Hardstyle and Hardcore, but after the big changes in the hardstyle genre he is focusing fully focusing on Hardstyle classics, especially the 'less familiar' classics, b-sides and early Hardstyle. He played at events like Dominator, Fatality Festival, Fusion Of Dance Festival, several sold out hardstyle events at Club Rodenburg, 'Re:Set' at North Sea Venue, Hard Nature and in England at Pleasuredome and GI:S 6 ... and there is more to come. With Charon you will be navigated through memorylane and re-live history once again! 'Mr. Hardstyle Wikipedia'

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