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Global Hard Battle

Global Hard Battle 2023 – ALL INFO

Get ready for Global Hard Battle 2023! Check out the timetables on the Global Hard Battle 2023 page The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! Global Hard Battle 2023 is set to ignite, and we're beyond excited to bring you this event once again! This year over 50+ DJs from 13 countries joined Global Hard Battle. A massive shoutout to all the DJs who are joining us […]

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WKND EP#037 Now Available For Livestreaming

WKND EP#076 is now available for livestreaming on YouTube! This was WKND! We thank all artists and visitors that came by to party with us and shared their passion for Real Hardstyle. We hope to see you all again next edition at RH Studios and enjoy the stream!Check out the line-up below: 1st artist: Dj Sylly 2nd artist: Audiorebel & A-Motion 3rd artist: Nightcraft 4th artist: Flux Overload 5th artist: Barty […]

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At RH Studios you can discover your favorite activity as a DJ! Whether you’re a beginner or already experienced by playing on the biggest stages, we offer anyone the opportunity to rent our DJ Studio. Also for record labels who search for a place to generate publicity or just to do a promo mix, you have found the perfect spot!

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KRK Monitors - Separate speakers for the room and a big sub woofer to complete the experience!

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Sylenth is an Italian Hardstyle Dj/Producer who has been playing since 2004. In 2016 Sylenth began producing free hardstyle tracks, sharing them on SoundCloud and social media. He’s always improving his style and technique, this led to the first official remix in 2019. Not much later in May 2020, he produced his first original mix: Tiny Flames. This track was released on Loverloud Records and he ultimately became a member of that label. Sylenth has now joined Real Hardstyle and will show you his mixing skills and of course his own productions.

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