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Mind Control first started listening to hard trance and early hardstyle in 2004 with mixed tapes and CDs from Mark E.G and M-Zone, 2 legends of the UK hard dance scene, immediately beginning his journey of love for the harder styles of dance music.

After following and supporting the evolution of the hardstyle sound and attending many big events in the UK and Holland, he started dj’ing in 2009 initially on vinyl and has since embraced the digital age to play the very latest tracks as they are released.

A big influence on his music has come from many of the biggest artists in hardstyle and raw style including Zany, The Prophet, Noisecontrollers, Headhunterz, Coone, Gunz For Hire, Delete (RIP), Warface, and Radical Redemption as well as many others.

His preference for raw style has become apparent in recent years in his sets however he will play all subgenres of hardstyle including early, classic and euphoric hardstyle and raw style.

In recent years he has been booked to play at a few local events in the UK and he has hosted the Enter Your Mind show on Safehouse Radio, an online UK station, for over 2 years playing all sub-genres of hardstyle.  Mind Control also promotes UK-based Noise Pollution Promotions which will be starting to put events on very soon.

Always looking to push boundaries with his mixing and track selection he has built a good following in the UK and is looking forward to sharing his music and love for hardstyle on the station.

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