The Coder Hands Up In the Air @ REALHARDSTYLE.NL 11.01.2021

Nightcraft & REVIVE – Running To The Madness (Original Mix)
Griever – Enjoy The Journey (Original Mix)
Eternate – Smoke & Dust (Original Mix)
Warface – Face Rocker
Level One – The Same Question (Original Mix)
Regain – Love (Extended Mix)
Ncrypta & Bloodlust – Dropping Flames
Scarra – Murd4 (Original Mix)
Imperatorz & The Straikerz – Go On (Original Mix)
Fraw – Cyberspace (Extended Mix)
Riot Shift – Pull Up (Pro Mix)
So Juice – Nowadays Music (Extended Mix)
Code Crime – Drop It (Original Mix)
Upriser – Acid
Clockartz – Delirium (The Purge Remix)
Hardstyle Mafia & Jouni Herranen – Strong (Original Mix)
Hidup – Super High (original mix)
Required – Kick The Bass (Original Mix)
Sasha F – Dead Generation (Original Mix)
Criminal Mayhem & Valido – Fight For The Throne (Pro Mix)
Criminal Mayhem – Rampenlicht (Pro Mix)

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