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On this page multiple options are given how to Tune-In to Real Hardstyle.


These are some of the questions we receive from listeners. If your question is not here please Contact us

I am behind a Firewall/Proxy (School/Work/Etc) can I connect?

Usually you can, If you are behind a proxy and/or firewall usually for example when your on a company or other restricted network it is possible that this blocks the connection to our stream servers. In that case please contact your IT department.

When you’re not on a company network check your local firewall/anti-virus if this blocks the connection.

Is Real Hardstyle Available on DAB+/FM/AM?

Unfortunately not, we receive this question a lot but Real Hardstyle cannot be received via any radio frequency (DAB/FM/AM).

Background information: The costs and maintenance to broadcast on these channels are currently not in our possibilities.
So were here for you via the internet 24/7.

If your interesting in broadcasting us on the ether, we are willing to chat 😉

I am a DJ. Can I join Real Hardstyle as a resident?

Fill in the Resident Application form and we will process your inquiry.

I'm a producer. Can Real Hardstyle broadcast my track(s)?

Fill in the track upload form and we will process your inquiry.

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