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Vazooka: “The idea that the universe is black or white comes from the times when the human being began to make use of his conscience, according to the average of the people, the rules can be followed or can be broken, but nobody talks about changing the rules and Vazooka came here to prove that it is possible.
I don’t like stereotypes, I like to follow my own path, I like to experience by combining the best of every world and I don’t fear the diversity. The word “change” carries too much fear as many run away from it”

Vazooka has over 5 years experience in mixing are the most solid proof that innovation works, that’s why his main goal is to bring to the world: catchy melodies, aggressive kicks and mixes that promises to keep you engaged from the start till the end.

Vazooka’s real name is Bruno and he is born in Argentina on 14-07-1997.

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